My work experience is a delicious cocktail of building design, entrepreneurship, project management, leadership, coaching leaders and teams, and working on a Ph.D.

Welcome to my platform for sharing and documenting my work and passions. I´m a Norwegian architect, a relationship- and organization systems coach and currently an industrial PhD-candidate. My passions are sustainability, processes and systems intelligence. By that I mean that everything is in constant change and growth. I believe that all change and growth is systemic; how we are always part of interdependencies and systems, and how we, as humanity, is moving from a ME to WE perspective.


Is my "home", my professional foundation. My experience is that architecture can contribute with so much to society. I am committed to developing myself and my profession through what I do.

being human

By being human I mean, my commit-ment to developing as a human in physical form. This is what I mean by "we´ll never get there and we´ll never get it done." This statement keeps me eager and lets me relax at the same time.


I find inspiration everywhere; in nature, in people, in animals, in relations, in contrast, in joy, in love, in growth, in my own and in other people´s achievements. It is my responsibility to let inspiration find me!

"We´ll never get there
and we´ll never get it done"

Growth is inevitable though.
So is change. And it´s a good thing.

What I do

Industrial phd-student Systems Coach Architect

Industrial - Ph.D. student

I am trained as an architect and am currently researching construction design processes with the four main disciplines in the Construction Industry. We explore success factors through Action Research and Systems Intelligence.

Systems Coaching

Is about keeping the vision on the relationship, the entity or system that we are together. ´How may I contribute to the relationship for it to flourish?´ Any point of departure is fine; conflict, disruption, change or just desire to grow. We are where we are, and that´s ok!


I hope this word seeps through everything on this platform. It has to do with my values and ongoing commitment to become the best version of myself in the world. This influences everything, how we treat ourselves, each other, and our environment.

1 years of experience
1 years of architectural services
1 years of entrepreneurship, management and leadership positions
1 year as an Industrial phd-student


Silvie Le Muzic

passionate about human growth
Office Nesoddtangen, Norway
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Phone (+47) 930 25 189